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Fluorescence AWARE Diver course now running for 1 YEAR - heres to many more

ASIA - Thailand


Having left Freestyle divers in UAE since March 2012 I have been in Thailand - based on Koh Tao...  I had some great pics however am in the process of replacing my camera equipment after having it stolen. 

1000 Hits


We have now had over 1000 individuals visit us since the launch of our website.

Thank you so much to all of you and keep spreading the word.

We are working on a new site design and on the 2nd edition of the student and Instructor books along with a general interest book.... many more things coming...

Why not get involved if you are near us...

EDA Cleanup


Gaz took part in the EDA cleanup helping to keep beaches and reefs nice and clean - conserving our ocean planet for many more dives...
Had a great dive with James Snelgrove whilst Chloe was our surface support. Moonlit dive, we decended on the artificial reef. Within a few minutes we had found much to behold glowing from boulders that looked like canvas splashed with varying vivid colours of paint to glowing jellyfish, Gobies and shrimp, crabs, goat fish with pulsing tentacles and many other critters... Thanks guys the hour was well spent in your comapny and as always the fluorescence nevers ceases to amaze me!



Gaz Morris is now teaching and certifying students in UAE, Dibba.
Based at Freestyle Divers, Royal Beach Hotel opposite Dibba Rock.
Come along and try...

Yes thats right, our Trendsetting instructor Gaz Morris is not just happy with one sponsor but, is now associated with Dr Charles Mazel - the leading researcher on fluorescence. "I am over the moon" said Gaz, "it just keeps getting better; to be working with Charles is a dream coming true and yet more in the way of promotion and equipment sponsorship!" FANTASTIC!